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Cucina Hostaria Saronno


In our modern restaurant, we aim to offer natural, genuine international cuisine, paying special attention to the latest culinary trends.

In the kitchen, our chefs Alessandro Cassago and Mauro Cagnoni prepare typical dishes of the best Italian tradition, drawing on their past experience abroad to add exotic touches and distant atmospheres.

Top quality produce, certified products, controlled origin foods so you can get the most out of the flavours of the Italian peninsula. From Piana del Sele to Bronte, passing through Correggio, Gavoi, and Garfagnana.

Small producers, family-run businesses that can preserve and pass down the art of and love for typical products.

In our dishes, all care goes into the
nutritional properties of the food,

not overcooked, not covered in excessively rich sauces or artificial preparations.

Simple recipes, only partly restyled by the dynamic flair of our cooking maestros.
Homemade first courses, fresh fish caught in our local seas and promptly delivered to us every day, beef and cured meats of guaranteed origins.

For vegetarians our chefs have invented a menu full of cereals, legumes and fresh seasonal vegetables.

And even our unpretentious, homemade desserts are created according to our philosophy: unadulterated, simple, top quality produce to offer you tasty and healthy recipes.

Perfumes from the past, flavours that remind us – through our palate – of the goodies of our childhood.