Call the Hostaria a restaurant, by all means. But it’s not just that.
It’s a homage to the history, the culture, the tradition of the city of Saronno and to its magnificent Sanctuary, place of worship and prayer.
The story goes that in 1497, the Madonna appeared in a dream to a bedridden man named Pedretto Morandi who one night heard three times a voice that said to him: “Pedretto, if you want to be healed, go to the Varesina road, build a temple there where the image of the Virgin stands, there will never be a lack of resources…”  

Pedretto was healed and spread the news of his miracle recovery everywhere. And it is true that there was never a lack of funds to construct a Sanctuary that is one of the most beautiful gems in Italy. It has many marvels inside, including frescoes by Bernardino Luini and his school.

The "Hostaria dell'Angelo" was built one century later to accommodate the pilgrims who came from every corner of the earth (this is now the municipal library and theatre).

Even now, 500 years later, the purpose of our Hostaria is to welcome modern-day wayfarers, providing them with the best in hospitality and refreshment.