Weekly wine-tasting. We try to set ourselves an objective, so we donít get bored and so we donít bore you. So we donít keep offering the same old things.

Top labels by the most famous local and Italian winemakers. We decided not to cross the Italian borders because to tell the truth we didnít really feel the need. Reds, whites, rosŤ and vintage bubby: we try to make you happy and give you a taste of products you havenít come across before.

We also stock sweet wines, wines to meditate with, to be slowly sipped as you enjoy a dessert or a cheese platter or to go with the simple but delicious Amaretto di Saronno biscuits.

We also offer a wide range of wine by the glass so with the help of our sommelierís recommendations you can enjoy the perfect wine to go with each course, to get the most enjoyment from your meal without actually having to buy a whole bottle.

Wine List

Hostaria Restaurant
Via Varese 23
Saronno (VA)